Andrew Murray

Divine Healing

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Divine Healing by Andrew Murray

How do we access Divine Healing?

"This series of meditations is published to show, according to the Word of God, that 'the prayer of faith' (James 5:15) is the means appointed by God for the cure of the sick. My purpose is to show that this truth is in perfect accord with Holy Scriptures and that the study of this truth is essential for everyone who desires to see the Lord manifest His power and His glory in the midst of His children."
Andrew Murray, Divine Healing

There are many questions about miraculous healing and healing prayer such as:

  • Why are some people healed while others are not?
  • What part do doctors play in miraculous healing?
  • Why do many Christians doubt the gifts of healing?
  • Is it God's will to heal the sick?
  • Does sickness come from God or from Satan?
  • Homeopathic medicines, herbal remedies, nature's cures - what is the biblical perspective on healing?

Writing from his own experience, Andrew Murray's Divine Healing (formerly titled Healing Secrets) examines what the Bible says about sickness and physical healing, and what we can do to obtain healing in Christ. Discover the healing promises of God, and walk in wholeness and total health today!