Andrew Murray

Covenants and Blessings

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Covenants and Blessings by Andrew Murray

Do you know God's Covenants and Blessings?

They say promises are made to be broken and, too often, we're quietly cynical about them, even when they come from God. But His Word is true, and He's promised to infuse our lives with His grace and blessing! It's a solemn promise – Scripture calls it an everlasting covenant  and you can count on it.

"This book is a humble attempt to show exactly which blessings God has covenanted to us. It gives His assurance that the Covenant must, can, and will be fulfilled. It also shows how we can approach God and explains the conditions for receiving the full, continual experience of the covenant blessings. I am confident that if I can lead anyone to listen to what God has to say about His Covenant, and to deal with Him as a covenant God, it will bring him strength and joy."
Andrew Murray, Covenants and Blessings

In Covenants and Blessings, Andrew Murray explains:

  • The secret of abiding joy
  • God's strength for daily living
  • Freedom from the power of sin
  • The delight of blessing others
  • The intimacy of a Spirit-filled life

Why struggle to live for God when you can experience the joy of the Spirit of Christ living in you, and simply receive His promises of new life?