Watchman Nee

Christ the Sum of All Spiritual Things

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Christ the Sum of All Spiritual Things by Watchman Nee

"We ought to realize that neither a spiritual retreat nor a Biblical teaching is our food; Christ alone is."

Christ the Sum of All Spiritual Things points the way to every provision!

"To sum up all things in Christ" is the mystery of God's will. This needs to be first realized in each individual as well as the church before it can be fulfilled in the universe. How very urgent it is for believers to know the reality of Christ as being our all and in all! For God has not given us many things; He gives us only Christ.

"Oftentimes in spiritual matters, we see and we touch a thing which is merely a term or a letter, void of any spiritual usefulness to us. How we need to ask God to open our eyes that we may know His Son. The characteristic of Christianity lies in the fact that its source, depth, and riches are involved with the knowledge of God's Son. It matters not how much we know of methods or doctrines or power. What really matters is the knowledge of the Son of God. Knowing God's Son is the way, knowing God's Son is the truth, and knowing God's Son is the life. Our power comes from knowing His Son. All that God gives to us is His Son...hence the whole question lies in knowing God's Son."
Watchman Nee, Christ the Sum of All Spiritual Things

In Christ the Sum of All Spiritual Things, Watchman Nee illustrates the basic principle of "not things but Christ" from various angles with many practical helps. His heart burden is for Christ to become real to us. Nee would have us all let things pass away that life might fill us. May Christ be all and in all!

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