Build Your Faith Daily with Smith Wigglesworth

Build Your Faith Daily with Smith Wigglesworth

Posted by Living Christian Books Team on 15th Jul 2016

Smith Wigglesworth Devotional

The Smith Wigglesworth Devotional is a 365-day powerhouse of spiritual meditations and faith builders. The fearless heart of Wigglesworth is evident in every daily devotion, and when you read his words, the Holy Spirit imparts that fearlessness into your heart, too. This devotional reveals the thunder of heaven and courage of Christ Himself. Your mornings with the Lord may start out quietly, but the Smith Wigglesworth Devotional will rouse your spirit and ignite your faith like no other!

June 1: “God is for You”

Scripture reading: 1 John 4:16 – 5:5

It does not matter where you are if God is with you. He who is for you is a million times greater than all who can be against you. Oh, if by the grace of God we could only see that the blessings of God’s divine power come to us with such sweetness, whispering to us, ‘Be still, My child. All is well.’ Be still and see the salvation of the Lord.

What would happen if we learned the secret to asking once and then believing? What an advantage it would be if we could come to a place where we know that everything is within reach of us. God wants us to see that every obstacle can be removed. God brings us into a place where the difficulties are, where the pressure is, where the hard corner is, where everything is so difficult that you know there are no possibilities on the human side. God must do it. All these places are in God’s plan. God allows trials, difficulties, temptations, and perplexities to come along our path, but there is not a temptation or trial that can come to us without God providing a way out (1 Cor. 10:13). You do not have the way out; it is God who can bring you through.

Many believers come to me and want me to pray for their nervous systems. I guarantee there is not a person in the whole world who could be nervous if he or she understood 1 John 4. Believe that God loves you!

Every expression of love is in the heart. When you begin to pour out your heart to God in love, your very being, your whole self, desires Him. Perfect love cannot fear (1 John 4:18).