Watchman Nee

Worshipping the Ways of God

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Worshipping the Ways of God by Watchman Nee

Are You Worshipping the Ways of God as Well as God Himself?

"What are the ways of God? The ways in which God deals with us are His ways. His ways entail what He wants to do. The ways of God are the choices He makes concerning us. These are the ways of God. His ways are higher than our ways (Is. 55:9). He has His own ordinations, and there is no room for our choice. He deals with this person in this manner and with another person in that manner. His ways are what He deems best. The ways of God imply that God acts according to His desire and choice.

"Many people balk at the fact that, without an unveiling of God to man, we cannot accept God's ways. We must first have revelation before we can accept God's ways. We ask, 'Why did God love Jacob and not Esau?' We feel that God was not fair to Esau, and we even feel indignant about the way Esau was treated. We think that Esau was a very good man who was cheated out of everything. Jacob was the one who was bad. Yet God said, 'Jacob have I loved, but Esau Have I hated' (Rom. 9:13). Yet still we reason about this. Those who reason in this way have not seen God. Those who have seen Him know that He is God. God can act according to His pleasure. He does what makes Him happy. He is God. No one can tell Him how He should act. He does not need counselors or advisors. He does not need an advisory board to tell Him how to do things. He does what He pleases. These are the ways of God."
Watchman Nee, Worshipping the Ways of God

In Worshipping the Ways of God, Watchman Nee lays bare the great difficulty of the mind of the flesh (sense and reason without the Holy Spirit) to comprehend the ways of God, let alone worship them. God is God and He does things in His own way. We are called to surrender to these ways and to be brought to the place where we will worship them with our whole hearts, just as we worship God Himself. Worshipping the Ways of God reveals the path to this particular holy ground.

(Worshipping the Ways of God is included in TWELVE BASKETS FULL, VOLUME 2)