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Whose Slave Are You? mp3


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How do we respond to this shocking question: Whose Slave Are You?

“Jesus was free, absolutely free of any other power – human, Satanic, or demonic. Nothing could sway Him, nothing could stop Him, nothing could deter Him, nothing could influence Him. Jesus was free every second of His life with a freedom that we, in our human state, have never enjoyed.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Whose Slave Are You?

We really want to believe that we are independent beings, owned by no one and nothing. But if you scratch a surface here and a cover there, the ties that bind us reveal themselves readily. And so, however galling we find it, the question remains:  Whose slave are you?

  • •       Who do you work to please?
  • •       Whose love do you live for?
  • •       What subject dominates your thoughts?
  • •       Who do you seek out for approval?
  • •       What do you fear losing above all else?

Even believers rarely live free, but we certainly can! The total freedom from powers, principalities, and entanglements of every kind is ours through the only Man to live free from His first breath to His last—Jesus Christ.

“Your freedom is in your belonging to the Lord, and that means the Holy Spirit. Wherever the Holy Spirit is allowed to rule and reign – to be in charge – there is liberty!”
Martha Kilpatrick, Whose Slave Are You?

In this thought-provoking message, Martha cuts through the delusion of human independence in order to present the true, blissful freedom that comes with being owned by God. As born-again believers, we are called to be as shockingly free as Jesus was when He walked the earth. Are you tired of being enslaved to the people and situations in your life? Are you ready for freedom?

Whose Slave Are You? is the August 2017 Message of the Month

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