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What is Our Salvation


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For it is written, You shall be holy, for I am holy.
1 Peter 1:16 AMP

Is it possible that we don’t really understand what it means to be saved? Could we be just enough off the mark in our knowledge of salvation that we’ve made our lives measurably more difficult? Surely not!

What IS our salvation? Do we really know?

Hebrews 2 warns us against neglecting “so great a salvation” as we’ve been given. What then do we understand about being born again? What are the things that we have through salvation?

  • Reconciliation with God
  • Holiness
  • Forgiveness of sin
  • Cleansing by the Blood of Christ
  • Freedom from slavery to sin
  • A new creation
  • Authority over the enemy
  • Humility
  • Immortality
  • Grace
  • Love
  • Endurance, and so much more!

It’s not really that hard, is it? When we need peace, we ask for peace, and because we’re saved, we get it. Sometimes we need a little patience, or the grace to forgive, or the strength to make it through the day—and all of these are ours through salvation. That’s the deal when you’ve been saved. Isn’t that right?

What if it isn’t?

What is Our Salvation? by Martha Kilpatrick identifies some very common and very widespread misunderstandings about the miracle of our salvation. Far too many Christians are stunted and held back in this life simply because they haven’t worked out what salvation truly is and how it works. Are you one of them?

“Most of Christianity functions like this: ‘What does the Blood of Christ give us? What do we need? What part of salvation do we need today?’ But the problem for too many is that we remain in poverty, never having enough and never coming to fullness—or even really believing that we could.”
Martha Kilpatrick, What is Our Salvation?

What is Our Salvation? is the Message of the Month for December 2018.

 Want it NOW? What is Our Salvation is available in mp3 for immediate download. 

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