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Triumph of the Lamb

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“I don’t think the church is ready for the Lamb. We don’t know what we are facing. We don’t know who He is. We are not focused on Him. In the end, He will be everything. Everything will be the Lamb. He will be in the center of heaven and the center of the throne because He will be the center of the universe. And we are blithely going our way, like I have, and we have not comprehended or even thought about the Lamb.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Triumph of the Lamb

The Triumph of the Lamb: Christ Enthroned as We’ve Never Seen Him!

What is the meaning of all your troubles and suffering?
What is God’s goal for your life?
What is your highest calling and ultimate destiny?

If you struggle to answer these questions, you’re not alone. It is all too easy to get mired in the wounds of the past, the troubles of today, and the great uncertainty of tomorrow. We all have a desperate need of the heavenly perspective over our lives that holds the key to our biggest questions. In the Lamb we find God’s perfect answer and eternal Solution.

“‘The Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world’ (Revelation 13:8). Everything will culminate in the Lamb. Everything comes from Him. Everything is for Him. Everything is going to end in Him. He will be the ruler of all.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Triumph of the Lamb

This remarkable series takes listeners on a journey of discovery through the mystery of the Lamb. For decades Martha Kilpatrick has focused on the Lamb of God – to follow Him, to know Him, to be conformed to Him. And for more than two years, God called her to prepare the Church to meet the Lamb. In The Triumph of the Lamb, that preparation begins in earnest.

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