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To Hear the Voice of God


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"There are only two voices in the universe—and man is not one of them."
Martha Kilpatrick, Disc 1: "The Voice is LIFE" 

We are listeners. We are hearers of one voice or the other, and who we listen to determines whether we are of the living or the dead. In the voice of God is the LIFE of God, so hearing God is everything. Our health, our destinies, our very existence turns on our familiarity with God’s voice as He speaks to us individually. 

These four messages, delivered to a small church in Oregon, are piercingly personal. Martha bares her heart and her life as she issues the call to become Christ’s own in every way—to hear God, to obey Him, and to follow the path of the Lamb.

1: The Voice is LIFE
2: Hearing AND Obeying
3: Living in the Yes of God
4: The Lamb

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  1. Your own personal retreat

    Posted by Fenton on 27th Aug 2014

    This CD series is perfect for a personal retreat. Each message is full of ideas and is the length for a perfect weekend getaway. It will not leave you feeling good about where you are, but gives hope to put those things behind you and press on to the upward call in Christ.

  2. personal, practical, profound

    Posted by helen on 4th Mar 2014

    "Living in the Yes of God" is a rare sharing of the behind the scenes dealings of God in a very personal message where Martha gives the call to absolute surrender to Christ for the increase of His government and reign in you. For all who join her in "My passion is the King, and my purpose is the Kingdom," this message is given. The scope of practical and profound insight into hearing His voice, and how HE births His purpose in a people is given clarity. When heard by the Spirit, this message is prophetic, and He comes to bring it into our lives. The message on "The Lamb" from this series leveled me for months and shook my world. It is absolutely the highest message I've ever heard; you almost couldn't 'listen', you could only worship; it begged your whole being to that ONE on the THRONE, the LAMB.

  3. More Words of Life!

    Posted by Mary in Oregon on 27th Feb 2014

    “After you love Him with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind, what is the one thing?” This is the question Martha posed at the beginning of this conference, and the answer is the solution to everything! Our choice to hear must be absolute, not "I want to hear", implying there is an obstacle, but "I WILL HEAR!" Every crisis of humanity and every moment in practical life is answered by the hearing of the voice of God, and Martha expounds in this series on what is needed to free your heart and mind up to be a hearer and receiver of this, the ONE THING.

  4. The LAMB CD from this series was so powerful to me!

    Posted by Brother Kirk on 25th Feb 2014

    This series is an absolute, absolute, absolute, MUST HEAR for everyone. The part that hit me hardest was when Martha describes the Lamb going into another persons hell, experiencing what they are experiencing, and then escorts them out of their hell. Do you or anyone you know need to be escorted out of a place hell, then this is again an ABSOLUTE MUST HEAR.

  5. Life Changing

    Posted by Janice Ridgeway on 9th Feb 2014

    The Lord has used four of His servants (none that I know personally) to radically change the course of my life and relationship with Him -- Martha Kilpatrick is one of these servants.

    I've been listening to Martha's teachings for over 10 years now and it has truly been a living impartation of Christ.

    New Year's eve, God had me intensely in her teaching entitled "Through God's Eyes" (Living Loved in the face of rejection). I was moved to renounce the spirit of self-rejection and self-loathing over myself, family members and others the Holy Spirit brought to mind. The result has been steady and some even remarkable in my ability to hear and receive the love God has always had for me.

    Then I was led to purchase "To Hear the Voice of God" and it is teaching me how to break satanic strongholds over my thinking process. I am memorizing Psalm 27 as I have been a victim of great fear all my life.

    My sincerest thanks to God the Father for this ministry that is a
    living impartation of His dear Son.

    Janice Ridgeway

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