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"You can miss your life by looking always into the troubles of tomorrow."

"We can trust that the 'when' of events is no accident, but perfection of God's timing."

"If you don't move with the Spirit in that moment, then you might miss it."

"Even in prayer we have to know the seasons of God."

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  1. God’s timing is perfect!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2017

    Helped me to really understand how we are to exist in time ...and what is available outside of it. Teaches how we can live in another realm of faith which is outside time itself, while remaining in the time constraints that are only subjective to how we choose to view God. I love the statement, “ Time is for humanity and doesn’t exist in God” And if we are “In Him” we can live where He exist, we can live in a place that is not limited to man’s understanding but embraces God’s perspective of His life “in me” ....right now, where I am seated (present tense) in heavenly places (eternity) in Christ Jesus looking down at my enemy instead of being in the day to day fray of battling his attacks. The most amazing understanding was the one about what Martha said about faith. Faith exist outside of time which is what we see ...but faith can make what we don’t see even more real than what we perceive in the natural. Through this teaching, God showed me how each and everyone of us could have our specific sins placed on Jesus, (past, present and future) at the time of Christ death, even for those of us that were not yet even born and for those that had died in faith in the OT and Jesus reclaimed from paradise. Because God lives outside of time, He can see our beginning, end and everything in between....He also know everything we will say or do before it takes place in I can see that the Father could place all my specific sins on Christ, and yours too, from an eternal perspective of looking down into time and seeing all my sins even before I committed them, so that Christ truly was the lamb of God that took on Himself ALL the sins of the world. Many tears of gratitude came forth as I understood more about the precious gift the Father gave to us in His Son and His perfection of bringing time into eternity.

    A Grateful Soul

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