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The Unknown Weapon of War mp3


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“Since the massacre in Paris, I have been asking the Lord, in terrific need, how do we live in this world as it is? How do we cope and how can we pray in this desperate situation?”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Unknown Weapon of War


With lawlessness on the rise and a new crisis reported seemingly every day, it can feel very much like we are simply at the mercy of terror and chaos. We are not. There is a weapon of power available to us, but we don’t remotely think of it as a weapon. The December 2015 Message of the Month will change our views entirely on this versatile weapon of warfare!

Unknown Weapon of Great Worth

If you obtain this weapon, you will:

•       Know how to deal with any situation, no matter how unpleasant, threatening, or dangerous.
•       Watch as it shields and preserves your life.
•       Be able to resist temptation.
•       Instinctively know the way of God, not as a formula but as a new insight for this minute.
•       Have discernment and discretion; you will simply know who is your enemy and who is your friend.
•       Dwell safely and securely without fear of evil.
•       Gain long life and peace, as well as favor with God and man.
•       Have the secret counsel of God and know what the brightest minds do not.

This unknown weapon is more valuable than the worldly riches of gold and silver, yet it’s freely available to all who want it: believer and unbeliever, Christian and heathen.

The Unknown Weapon of War is a message of spiritual provision and preparation for all who are in need. Martha not only reveals the name of this weapon and its many vital attributes, she shows how to take hold of it yourself. Here is a teaching to equip the saints for these treacherous times.

“The things that we want for ourselves and for others are found in this jewel of an unknown weapon.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Unknown Weapon of War

December 2015 Message of the Month

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