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The Problem


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What is the problem?

“Humanity cannot know God or follow Him. Without a living spirit within, it’s hopeless.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Problem

It is incredibly easy to look at our lives and the world around us and believe that there are many problems. Marriages are falling apart left and right. Children are rebelling in record numbers. Churches are splitting and failing. Tempers are flaring, compassion is fading, and fights are breaking out all over. Everywhere we look, we see problems. But what if we don’t see nearly as well as we think we do? What if there really aren’t a multitude of different problems? What if there’s only one problem?

The Problem was recorded as Martha spoke to a gathering of men in an addiction recovery program. This message illustrates, with great clarity, the shocking simplicity behind and through every seemingly random and disconnected act of humanity’s madness or strife that has ever occurred on this earth. It also drives home the hard truth that we may not see things as they truly are – but we desperately need to!

“We are how we see God. We become what we believe about Him. So it’s important to know who He is. Show me a cruel woman and I’ll show you a woman who believes God is cruel. Show me a thief and I’ll show you a man who thinks God has robbed him. Show me a liar and I’ll show you a person who thinks God has lied to them.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Problem

The wisdom in this teaching will bring hope to every heart that is overwhelmed and embattled by the brokenness that surrounds them. How encouraging to think that if we haven’t seen the real problem, then we may be surprised by the wondrous ease of the actual solution!

January 2016 Message of the Month

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