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The Fruit of Our Wilderness


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What could possibly be the fruit of our wilderness? Let's find out!

“In the wilderness, you are alone. You might have people who love you and pray for you, but you have to walk through the wilderness on your own.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Fruit of Our Wilderness

When we find ourselves in the wilderness spiritually, it’s as easy as breathing to believe the worst about it. In the midst of great suffering, it’s not hard to wonder if we’re being punished by God, to think, “Is He angry at me?” And when it seems that He’s gone away from us, when His presence cannot be felt, we can suffer a crisis of faith. The wilderness is very real and the pain we experience is not imagined, but what if we’re looking at it in the wrong way?

“The wilderness either drives you to God, or away from Him.”

The Fruit of Our Wilderness is a life-changing message for every believer, because no one is exempt from time in the wilderness. It’s one thing to mentally accept that God has a purpose behind every aspect of your life, and it’s something else entirely to discover for yourself the purpose behind your own wilderness experience. Martha Kilpatrick’s stunning revelation in this Message of the Month holds the key to doing just that.

The Bible has story after story of the wilderness and the people who passed through it into their destiny. But our own time spent in the wilderness usually doesn’t feel like one of those stories. In The Fruit of Our Wilderness, Martha uses well-known Bible stories to reveal the hope and the love of God behind every wilderness we find ourselves moving through. There is great purpose in these ordeals and priceless training for those who would receive it. Have you seen the fruit of your wilderness? Would you like to?

“David became what he was – a man after God’s own heart – because of his wilderness.”

February 2016 Message of the Month

Want it NOW? "The Fruit of Our Wilderness" is available in mp3 for immediate download.

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