Watchman Nee

Tell Him

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Tell Him by Watchman Nee

Do you share your sorrows and your joys with the Lord? Tell Him ALL!

“Many people go to the Lord when they have difficulties, but how many pray when they are rejoicing? When men are in sorrow, it is natural for them to ask the Lord for help. But when they are happy, it is easy for them to forget about telling the Lord.”
Watchman Nee, Tell Him

Do you think that because God knows everything in your heart that you don’t need to talk to Him about any of it? Perhaps that is what too many Christians believe. But when we do not take our needs to the Lord, we tend to smother others with it. Watchman Nee’s Tell Him reminds us that God wants us to come to Him and tell Him what’s in our hearts – the sorrows, the joys, and everything in between. God is listening!

“We should realize that when we have a thorough talk with the Lord and pour out our heart to Him, our intimacy with the Lord is one step further, and we know Him a little more. Intimate contact with Him at these times is hundreds of times better than our ordinary fellowship with Him. By these contacts we advance in life. We should bring our problems to the Lord and tell Him about them. He can comfort us and help us. If a person has never shed tears before the Lord, if he has never shared his joy or sorrow with the Lord, and if he has never talked with the Lord about his private matters, he has never had any intimate fellowship with the Lord; he has never had any deep acquaintance with Him. We are not saying that you cannot ask others to pray for you or ask others to help you. We are saying that one can only be drawn closer to the Lord though telling Him everything.”
Watchman Nee, Tell Him