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The Stability of Our Times


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Last month we tackled a major topic. With all the questions being tossed about the CoronaVirus (CoVid-19), we discovered the most important question of them all is “What is God Saying About the CoronaVirus?" This message brought hope and peace to many who were deeply troubled about the uncertainty of this crisis. This month's message is none the less paramount in establishing peace, clarity, and hope. It focuses on the stability which is found in our times or in any season of crisis. 

Finding the Stability of Our Times!

In these times everything seems so fragile. The economy, our future, the health of our families, our governmental system, and even our very activities. Everything seems up in the air, but is it? In the message of the month The Stability of Our Times Martha Kilpatrick delves deeply into the uncertainty of our times, while looking at it through the lens of something completely unshakable. 

So while fears run high and confusion blankets our world, do we want to live in stability? Is this your desire as we pass through this troubling crisis? The fact is we can live in the Rock strength of impenetrable hardness which weathers any crisis or storm. YES, WE CAN! While it isn’t a given just because we are born again, there are steps we can take to assure our path, our hearts, our minds, and spirits. We can live in His strength amidst a threatening and chaotic world. 

“We have to become weak before we can be made strong in the Rock. We have to become vulnerable before we can be shielded. We have to see our nothingnesses before He can possess His everything.” ~ Martha Kilpatrick

Come listen to The Stability of Our Times, a message of hope, encouragement, and direction. While the winds of uncertainty continue to blow we can emerge as ones who did not fall over or collapse. Each of us have the opportunity to come through these times more secure, more intact, and solid in the Rock.   

God will keep in perfect peace those whose mind is dependent on Him.

The Stability of Our Times is the Message of the Month for May 2020.


 Want it NOW? The Stability of Our Times is available in mp3 for immediate download. 

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