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Spiritual Man, The

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(This edition features all 3 volumes in 1!)

Unlock the Mystery of the Spiritual Man 

"Most men today consider man as being made up of two parts: the soul and the body. The soul is the invisible part, the psychological part within man, and the body is the visible part, the outward form of man. This is man's fallen concept. Although there is some ground to it, it is not accurate.

"The Word of God has not divided man into two parts, the soul and the body. Rather, it has divided man into three parts: the spirit, the soul, and the body."
Watchman Nee, The Spiritual Man

Here is Watchman Nee's complete presentation on the workings of the human spirit and soul and body. The Spiritual Man aims at delivering people from the tyranny of self life, with its carnality, and from the domination of the passions and lusts of the flesh. It attempts to lead them to the full salvation of Christ. Nee did not intend these volumes to be taken as a manual but rather as a guide to true spirituality. 
"What is the significance of distinguishing the spirit from the soul? If believers do not know the boundary of their spirits, how can they understand the spiritual life? If they do not understand the spiritual life, how can they grow in their spiritual living? Because believers are either negligent or ignorant of the distinction between the spirit and the soul, they never grow in their spiritual life. Moreover, many times they take something soulish as spiritual, constantly remain in a soulish living, and do not seek after spiritual things. If we mix up what God has separated, we are bound to suffer loss."
Watchman Nee, The Spiritual Man

May God use these three volumes to help believers in their journey toward the spiritual life in all actuality rather than just doctrinally!


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  1. Awesome service

    Posted by Rev Darrell MacChamber on 27th May 2014

    Placed order and spoke to them on phone great customer service fast shipping a real blessing.

  2. The Spiritual Man

    Posted by Pastor Phil on 17th Mar 2014

    This is a comprehensive study of God's great creation the Bible calls man. I highly recommend it to those who desire to go to the depths of redemption. It takes time, though, to read and understand. I have read this three times in the past ten years and have just begun to see the great work that Nee has written. God has done a marvelous thing in Jesus and this book will transform your view of Christianity and help you to see the power of the cross firsthand. Come with a seeking heart and you will not be disappointed.

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