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Spirit and the Wind, The


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Our need of the Holy Spirit is desperate. If we give the Spirit His place, He will come. He is the Spirit of Life, and where He is allowed to be, He brings life.

The Holy Spirit is:

  • The only provision God has made to meet the needs of our destitution.
  • The possessor of the riches of God and the imparter of them to us. 
  • The conveyor of God's mind and God's ideas and plans. 
  • Holding the secrets of your life and destiny.

The Holy Spirit is the agent of our becoming what God has meant us to become.

9 CD Message Titles

    * The Law of the Spirit
    * The Mind of the Spirit
    * Christ, the Head
    * The Fire of the Spirit
    * The Wind of the Spirit
    * The Rest of the Spirit
    * The Word of Washing
    * The Rest of God
    * Oil of Anointing

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  1. Highly Recommend

    Posted by Sherry on 9th Jan 2019

    This is s much needed teaching that is foundational, but also profound, to the understanding of how to progress in God through the provision of the Holy Spirit. Offers clarity regarding the different spiritual laws and what the laws and dispensations represent. Teaches about the meaning of lawlessness and how to relinquish and surrender to the Spirit of the Father and the Son. Reveals the difference between the Holy Spirit and our own sense and reasonings. Gives needed understandingfor how to be totally dependent on God. Identifies what we lost in the garden, through wanting to be independent and think we can know anything, apart from relying on God to show us everything. Imparts to us the way to receive the true knowledge of God’s mind and to then know progressively the path to yield to how He thinks. Brings understanding that our only Source to commune, know God and understand the mind of Christ is the indwelling Holy Spirit.
    I especially appreciate the clarity on the anointing and discernment about the gifts and how to discern false prophets. How the gifts can operate in someone’s life and ministry and yet the anointing not be present. Thank you for allowing God to bring a much needed revelation and understanding to the church and those who desire truth, I would recommend this teaching to all who want to correctly follow and know the Holy Spirit. And for those who want to understand how to discern the true from the false in days we are living, where even the elect can be deceived.