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Sharing the Burden of God's Heart


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“God brings you to the rest that He requires of you. And when you take God’s yoke, not only do you learn of Him, you participate in the burden of His Heart.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Sharing the Burden of God’s Heart

Do You Often Find Yourself Sharing the Burden of God’s Heart?

This deceptively simple question reveals a whole hidden world in our hearts, doesn’t it? Do I even know God’s Heart well enough to recognize its burden? The answer to that question illuminates the very nature of our relationship with Him! Let’s say that the answer is yes. Then do you find yourself sharing His Heart’s burden? If the answer to that question is no, then you might need some help in the way of discipleship.

“God has taken every problem we have. EVERY problem!”
Martha Kilpatrick, Sharing the Burden of God’s Heart

In Matthew 11:30, Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” And that scripture is rightly looked at through the lens of our labor and effort in this life. But when we take up the easy yoke of Jesus, there is an intimacy that we step into that few ever consider. Most of us would be satisfied just to have the heavy load of work and duty lifted off our shoulders. That there’s more yet to come? How few of us even contemplate it!

With Sharing the Burden of God’s Heart, Martha looks at the Sabbath Rest from the perspective of intimate union and not just our daily work. Entering the rest isn’t just about learning more of Christ as you watch Him live your life, wonderful as that is. It will bring you right into the great, pulsating Heart of God, to love as He loves, when He loves, and whom He loves!


Sharing the Burden of God’s Heart is the Message of the Month for November 2019.


 Want it NOW? Sharing the Burden of God's Heart is available in mp3 for immediate download. 

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