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"Some of our defeat is not our personal sin; it is who we tolerate."

Who is the Separator?

We have gone too far in presenting God as a sweet Santa Claus. We must learn who He is as He is, and not who we want Him to be. We only know Jesus as the One who came to save – and He did! – but He also came to divide. He is the Separator.

“We can be friends with an unbeliever. We can have social contact – as Jesus certainly did – but we cannot be in ‘partnership,’ a word that means ‘yoked with another of a different kind.’ We cannot operate as sharing Christ’s life and purpose together.

“When we discover that another is not truly born again, we are to ‘come out from their midst and be separate.’ The book of 1 John is all about knowing who is your brother and sister and who isn’t! We are to know by the standard of light and love, truth and reality.

You will fully recognize them by their fruits. Do people pick grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?
Matthew 7:16 AMP

“The family of God’s children is exclusive. It includes only those who are actually born from above. Only the sick and the sinner are eligible for the Savior (Mt. 9:12).”

Through an exploration of Jesus' own life and an amazing look at the story of Jonah, Martha defines the true roots of Christian unity as well as the causes of Godly separation. Furthermore, she warns of the dangers we face when we, as individuals or the church, choose to harbor someone who has set his heart to rebel against God. 

“Jesus came to make a chasm between the one who wants Him – and the one who does not.”


This booklet is part of the Knowing God Series.

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ISBN-10: 0966592964

ISBN-13: 9780966592962

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Product Reviews

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  1. Not just helpful, but necessary

    Posted by Gdsgrl on 21st Oct 2018

    I thought I knew what the scripture meant regarding this topic, until I read the booklet. Might sound like some 'hard' sayings but Martha Kilpatrick lays this out simply and to the point so there's nothing debatable. She has put the truth of the Holy Spirit in every day language and example. It is presented with keen insight; the response of obedience is up to the reader, but is there any other option? This is not a popular or comfortable topic, but will be given away nonetheless (already have a copy in the complete series) because, once embraced, leads to abundant Life and freedom. This is a booklet that will be read more than once.

  2. For The Serious Believer

    Posted by c olive on 21st Oct 2018

    This is one of the most direct and crucial writings of our time. If you believe Jesus Christ IS Lord, and you want to truly love others as yourself, this is a must-read...

  3. Reality Check!

    Posted by S King, Thomaston, GA on 3rd Dec 2017

    This book is enabling me know and see all the many facets of Christ, not just the obvious ones easily related to and accepted. “The Separator” brings a reality check to our understanding outside our own perceptions. It brings a focused decision and if we say yes to Him, a separation from anything that is not God. We are told in the scriptures to come out from among them and be ye separate...and I am seeing to know His purpose means dying to my own. It is in living for His purpose we can experience true resurrection life. This book brings understanding in how to be reconciled to God’s purpose for His Son, which we are all invited to be a part....we are called to be separate from whatever keeps us from surrendering our will to His. The story of Jonah as revealed in the book unfolded new understanding of the “Who” behind the why...and teaches a profound lesson in obeying God. I saw how my own disobedience just doesn’t affect me but many others as well. It brings me to my knees with a yielded heart and hunger to let Him live His life through me. This book is helping me see the many separations in my life already, each with an increasing intensity, by defining what that looks like for me in the body and individually. A must have for any serious disciple of the Lord. Thank you Martha for God’s words through you.

  4. WOW!!

    Posted by Laurie Montgomery on 14th Mar 2013

    WOW! I just read the separator and there is so much light its blinding...but at least the illumination of the truth is healing. I'm so broken that I'm almost afraid to look around at all that's NOT HIM around me. This booklet is so heart hurts but its a good hurt. The more I "see" the more alone it gets. I don't mind it though..there's much beauty in silence and much spoken in the quietness of HIS solitude...I find rest in this place amongst all the "voices" out there....I'm getting the rest of the series...I'm headed to the web page now.. I really am blessed by you guys.... Blessings!