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Seeing Him


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"Repentance is the seeing God."

What is the key to seeing Him?

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Matthew 5:8

Our lives will pivot on whether or not we repent. How astonishingly simple is this basic principle of the Gospel! Yet too many people miss the key to true repentance as defined by God Himself. Feeling guilty is not repentance. Feeling remorse is not repentance. Feeling shame is not repentance. What is the key to repentance that leads to seeing Him in all reality?

“It has taken me years to see this key. I have experienced it, but it took me years to understand. I am only now understanding how a person’s life turns.

“If one person can burn with love for God, why cannot another one? And why do not all Christians love Him? I will tell you why… There is a pivot upon which your love for Christ will turn.

“I have always wanted to bring people into God’s love, and I would tell them, ‘Just go be with the Lord!’ Well, they would go to be with the Lord but it didn’t make them love Him. I was searching to bring people into the love of God. They would say, ‘I want it!’ And I would say, ‘I know you want it, but I can’t find the door! Where is the door to Christ? I had it. What was MY door?!’

“The Lord has shown me what it is.”

Not sure you’ve truly seen Jesus? Struggling to love Him as you know you should? Here is the solution. In Seeing Him, Martha explores personal repentance – in all that it truly is and all that it truly is NOT – as our essential preparation for recognizing, and loving, the Son of God.


This booklet is part of the Loving God Series.

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ISBN-10: 0966592980

ISBN-13: 9780966592986

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