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Secrets of a Prayer Warrior

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Product Description

Learn the secrets of a prayer warrior and start praying with confidence and authority!

Internationally respected Bible teacher Derek Prince offers the definitive guide to effective, life-changing prayer in Secrets of a Prayer Warrior. Through examining the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament prophets, Prince hands you the keys to biblical prayer while unlocking the answers to these essential questions and more:

  • How can I be certain my prayers will be answered?
  • How can I discover God's will for my life?
  • How can I pray confidently?
  • What is my authority in Christ through prayer?
  • How can I be sure my prayers are biblical?
  • What is the nature and purpose of prayer?
  • What is the purpose of fasting and how does it relate to prayer?
  • What is intercessory prayer?

In addition to the answers to these questions, you will discover insight and understanding that will help you cultivate a new life as one of God's prayer warriors. Derek Prince was a prayer warrior, and with help from this seasoned veteran, you can begin praying more confidently and effectively, starting today.

"The decisive factor in this great war with Satan is just one thing: praying believers. We are the ones who tip the scale for victory on God's side. This is an astonishing fact, but Scripture makes it clear that this is so. Our prayers are not unimportant; they are not secondary. They are the decisive issue in the entire spiritual conflict. The way we pray will decide the way the universe goes. I do not believe that is an exaggeration; I believe it is the literal truth. Nothing grieves me more than to hear believers talk as if they were unimportant. 'It doesn't much matter what I say or what I do. I am basically insignificant.' True, you are insignificant. That is the point. It is just because you are insignificant that God has chosen you for the demonstration of His wisdom, His grace and His power to the whole universe."
Derek Prince, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior

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