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Renewing of the Mind, The


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Discover the Importance of Our Renewing of the Mind!

This short treatise on what it means to have our minds renewed is Watchman Nee at his clearest. The Renewing of the Mind reveals the blessings of a 'nous' renewed and the consequences of a 'nous' that is not renewed. Nee's foundational teaching should be read by new believers and the spiritually mature alike!

"Our Christian lives are not necessarily the same toward God. In a believer whose nous has not been renewed we can see the following characteristics toward God: he cannot trust God, he cannot know God in the same way that he knows the Lord Jesus as his Savior, and he has many doubts. He doubts God's power, God's wisdom, and God's lovingkindness. These three points constitute his attitude toward God: he doubts God's power, thinking that He is not capable; he doubts God's wisdom, thinking that He is wrong; and he doubts God's lovingkindness, thinking that He is unwilling.

"In addition, he cannot understand that Scriptures; he cannot understand God's teaching; his nous is not clear, and he cannot receive God's light in his nous. It is true that he did have an enlightening at his conversion. If his nous were open to God every day, it would not be as powerless or critical as it is today. If every one of us has an open nous, we will receive much enlightening. If we can only be a courier, simply passing on to others what we have received without receiving anything directly from God, our nous must be wrong. If we merely depend on others to pass things to us and then simply pass to others what little we have received, without receiving anything directly from God, we are not very useful. I am not saying that we do not need to receive help from others. Rather, I am saying that if we do not receive something directly from God, something is wrong with our nous. I myself like very much to receive help from others. As long as the one who speaks receives his words in his nous through God's enlightening, his message will surely enlighten the nous of others and help them. That is why I say every one of us needs to receive something from God in our nous."
Watchman Nee, The Renewing of the Mind


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