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Prisoner in the Third Cell

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Product Description

Who is the prisoner in the third cell?

"He who takes up the sword perishes by the sword. He who refuses to take up the sword perishes on the cross."

With these words, Gene Edwards introduces the reader to his book, The Prisoner in the Third Cell. It is apparent from the start that this is no normal book, which is fitting since its subject, John the Baptist, was no normal man. In this book, Edwards has imagined and spun the hidden life of John the Baptist. Using his trademark storytelling technique, Edwards uses the life of John the Baptist to grapple with one of the most difficult hurdles every believer will face: When God does not live up to our expectations.

"A day like that which awaited John awaits us all. It is unavoidable because every believer imagines his God to be a certain way, and is quite sure his Lord will do certain things under certain conditions. But your Lord is never quite what you imagined Him to be.

"You have now come face to face with a God whom you do not fully understand. You have met a God who has not lived up to your expectations. Every believer must come to grips with a God who did not do things quite the way it was expected.

"You are going to get to know your Lord by faith or you will not know Him at all. Faith in Him, trust that is in HIM...not in His ways."

The Prisoner in the Third Cell does not flinch away from the heartbreak that we will each face at some point in our lives - it runs straight at it. If you find yourself in crisis beyond managing or carrying a burden too heavy to bear, this poignant book holds timeless wisdom and bright hope in equal measure.


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