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Praying Successfully

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Praying Successfully: Learn How to Ask and Receive From God

Tragic circumstances surprisingly changed, a desperate cry for help heard and answered, a nagging need met—how can such things happen? Through the powerful resource of prayer. But what does that prayer look like?

"I have no objection to your using a form of prayer if you pray with it; but I know a great many who do not pray with it, but only repeat the words. Imagine what our families would be like if, instead of our children speaking to us frankly when they need something, they always went to the library to hunt up a prayer to read to us. Surely there would be an end of all family feelings and love. Life would be shackled in its movements. Our households would become a kind of boarding school or barracks. All would be ritual and formality, instead of happy eyes looking up with loveing trust into fond eyes that delight to respond. Many spiritual people use a form, but carnal people are almost sure to do so, for they are only interested in the form, not in true prayer."
Charles Spurgeon, Praying Successfully

As you read Praying Successfully, you will understand how to:

  • Turn adversity into advantage
  • Get ahead without competing
  • See your desires fulfilled
  • Obtain the wealth available to you
  • Find peace in life's storms
  • Be free from sin
  • Receive the free gift of salvation

Humanity is needy. That is our default position always, and that is by design. In prayer we meet the loving Father who delights to care for, protect, and provide for His children in all things. From the deliverance of salvation to food on the table to healing in sickness and comfort in grief, begin to receive whatever you need from the Lord today. Praying Successfully reveals that the blessings of God are yours for the asking!

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