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Powers of the Universe


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"All of us have people and situations that we think are too much for God, if we are honest."

What are the powers of the universe?

We each have an internal view of the powers at work around us, and we respond to people and situations based on these beliefs. In other words, in a given situation, we believe this power or that power rules. There is only One whose power rules all, but do we function as if we believe that?

“If you think you do not want power, you are very mistaken. We all want power over others.

“We want power over our children. We want power over the people we work with. We especially want power over those closest to us. Who do you want to convince, or change, or influence? That is the desire for power! It is just that subtle.

“Mankind uses powers that are not rightfully his. He uses illegitimate power. Mankind has the power to create wonderful things: great music, churches, art. But the question is: What is the source?

“Watchman Nee says the question is not what is the work or what is the creation. The question is: What is the source? Who built it—God or humanity?”

“The powers of the universe are at the absolute disposal of the born-again child of God!”

In this teaching, Martha looks at each of the powers in the universe (man, Satan, God) against the authority of the Scripture to see who actually has power - real power. She promises, "If you grasp this, it will change your life." 

This booklet is part of the Knowing God Series.

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ISBN-10: 0966592956

ISBN-13: 9780966592955

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