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Power of One Christ-like Life

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What difference can one person make? Find out in The Power of One Christ-Like Life!

Apathy. Anger. Judgment. Resignation. How do you feel toward sinners and their destructive ways? Should we start mercilessly picking up stones and throwing them at the evildoers in our world? If you're on the verge of giving up on sinners, or if you've already resigned from the battle against evil, you need to read The Power of One Christ-like Life.

Francis Frangipane has a hopeful message that will cause you to drop your stones, fall to your knees, and intercede with love and mercy on their behalf  an action that historically has always moved the heart of God. Twelve brief biographies of outstanding Christians, including John Wesley, William Booth, and George Muller, provide real-life examples of the ability of a godly intercessor to impact the world for Christ. As you seek God's mercy for others, you will find His mercy for yourself and be transformed in the process.

"My goal is to counter hopelessness with vision. I have written this book to dispel the darkness of fear and unbelief and to position each of us, no matter what nation we are from or how evil it seems, at the throne of God's great mercy. My intention is not only to defend what God has begun in the church, but also to empower us to fulfill the vision of Christlikeness."
Francis Frangipane, The Power of One Christ-Like Life

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