Andrew Murray

Path to Holiness, The

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The Path to Holiness by Andrew Murray

What is the path to holiness?

"Multitudes of believing Christians have only a vague concept of what holinessis. Even among those who seek to know it, few have learned to come to God's Word and to God Himself to be taught. He alone can reveal this part of the mystery of Christ and of Himself. To man, holiness has simply been a general expression for a deeper Christian life, without much thought about all that the term really means."
Andrew Murray, The Path to Holiness

Discover the "divine expression of the Christian life" - holiness - in Andrew Murray's classic devotional study, The Path to Holiness. Delve into the Word of God to learn what God's holiness is and what ours is to be. As timely now as when it was written over a century ago, these thirty-one chapters equip and exhort believers to "Be holy, because [God is] holy" (1 Peter 1:16).

This work examines both the Old and New Testaments helping believers progress along the path of sanctification and grow in a holy lifestyle before God. Originally titled Holy in Christ, this updated edition includes Andrew Murray's original applications and prayers.

"Seek Jesus above all else…He will make us holy."