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Overcoming Self-hatred


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“‘And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The second is this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”
Mark 12:30-31 NASB

Overcoming Self-hatred: A Hidden Hatred that Lurks in Your Heart Now Available!

It is no small thing to love yourself as God commands. In fact, far too many believers don’t even notice how regularly and casually they curse themselves. We sow self-hatred into our lives and are taken by surprise when we begin to reap that harvest of hate. Overcoming Self-hatred addresses the hidden hatred that believers nurse without a second thought.

• Do you call yourself stupid when you make a mistake?
• Do you wish you were smarter or better looking or stronger than you are?
• Are you “hard” on yourself when you fall short?
• Do you indulge yourself rather than nurture yourself?
• Do you receive grace for yourself when you fail or do you punish yourself?
• Do you agree with Satan’s accusations of you or do you listen for God’s assessment?
We don’t even realize the mountain of curses we have leveled against our own selves, yet we wonder why we fail and fall and spiral downward. How much of the spiritual warfare that we experience is coming through a door that we keep open through self-hatred?
Martha Kilpatrick’s booklet Overcoming Self-hatred reveals both the terrible normality of self-hatred and the grave consequences that follow. How fortunate for her readers that the solution to this pervasive problem is presented just as clearly and practically! Are you done helping the enemy destroy you? God loves you so much that He gave the Life of His Son, Jesus Christ, to save you from the grief and torment of sin and hate. Step into the fullness of that Love and grace today!
“I want people who suffer from self-hatred to understand it, to overcome it, and to shut the door to the beast that’s crouching there.” 
Martha Kilpatrick, Overcoming Self-hatred

ISBN-13: 9781936057481

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Product Reviews

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  1. A great overcoming word on hatefulness

    Posted by Debra V. on 2nd Jun 2019

    As nonbelievers feign to think they sin, believers may also feign to admit they hate and could possibly even hate themselves in myriad ways. This little book brought the light and love of Jesus into that chamber of my heart that was hateful. Thank you.

  2. Live free!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2019

    This was such an incredible message! It exposed how subtle the enemy is to render me powerless by entertaining ideas of my self that are a lie! A reminder that this is war and I will fight to believe who the Father says I am! Thank you Martha and Shulamite!

  3. Easily read and understood

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2019

    Within this small booklet is a powerful tool! A prayer of power for freedom!

  4. I'm literally light as air in my soul after reading it!

    Posted by Stacy on 25th Nov 2018

    I just read Overcoming self hatred via kindle. A must read! I'm literally light as air in my soul after reading it. Definitely ministered to me!!! I will go back for a second read and make notes. Then a third time! I am grateful and thankful for this 'booklet', Overcoming self hatred.

    I also got Altogether Forgiven to read during the blizzard that will blow in tomorrow. Very much looking forward to reading Altogether Forgiven!

  5. Even if you don't think of it as self hatred

    Posted by Celia on 24th Nov 2018

    I just read this and it is great! Even if you don't think of it as self hatred, if you have self condemnation, guilt, or just impatient with your sin, slip ups or mistakes, this is a short booklet that will put things in perspective. - Celia

    “Give me the help of the Blood. And I put the punishment for my sins on Christ, who took it willingly. What an insult for me to put a punishment on myself or accept a punishment from Satan when Jesus took it ALL, and bore it ALL, and died in it ALL. Forgive me, Lord Jesus! Forgive me, Father! What a sacrifice… that You gave Your Son for me to be free of this condemnation, to defeat the devil, and to stand victorious –within and without. Father, have mercy on us! Oh, let us not reject Your great Gift. Your Sacrifice. “I rebuke this mountain of pride and cast it into the sea –this mountain of the pride of self-condemnation, the pride to even consider it. Lord Jesus, I cast my sins upon You and I will not take them back."