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Our Father: Unfolding The Lord’s Prayer mp3


Product Description

“Our Father”: Unfolding The Lord’s Prayer Shines New Light on the Familiar

“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.” There are few (if any) passages of Scripture more widely known and recognized than The Lord’s Prayer. Children memorize it in Sunday School, new believers learn it quickly, and it’s sung in worship. It would seem that we know all there is to know about Jesus’ prayer to illustrate all prayer. How fortunate that this isn’t the case! The Lord’s Prayer holds a wealth of riches just waiting for the Holy Spirit to reveal them. “Our Father”: Unfolding The Lord’s Prayer discloses several of those amazing revelations.

“Jesus’ disciples didn’t ask Him to teach them to heal, or to teach them to hear or to teach anything else. They asked, ‘Teach us to pray.’”
Martha Kilpatrick, “Our Father”: Unfolding The Lord’s Prayer

Join Martha Kilpatrick as she moves through The Lord’s Prayer line-by-line, unfolding hidden treasures of wisdom. Each familiar word takes on new significance as Martha plumbs the depths of this most foundational teaching on prayer. The sheer amount of spiritual ground Jesus covered in this simple and straightforward prayer of a mere 66 words is staggering.

“The Lord’s Prayer tells us how Jesus prayed, the order in which He prayed, what the Father wants to do and what He wants to give, how we get to what He wants, and what His priorities are.”
Martha Kilpatrick, “Our Father”: Unfolding The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is a blueprint for how to pray, yes, but it’s much more than that alone. Again and again the scriptures reveal that ours is the God of abundance. And the deeper you delve into this deceptively simple prayer, the clearer His lavish abundance is made known. If our Father can fill 66 words with the unsearchable riches of Christ Himself, imagine how vast His actual storehouse truly is!

“Our Father”: Unfolding The Lord’s Prayer is the Message of the Month for November 2016.

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