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The Nature in the Earthen Vessel


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“We live inside a contradiction that we experience but don’t understand, because we are not complete within ourselves…and we don’t know it. It has to be proven to us!”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Nature in the Earthen Vessel

Do we understand that we are vessels?
Do we see that a vessel is created to contain another entity?

What do we really know about the nature in the earthen vessel that we were made to be?

We are vessels of another entity’s nature, and there are only two entities in the universe. God and Satan. Light and Dark. Love and Hate. So many of our daily struggles are rooted in pride and ignorance: Pride that believes we can be self-sufficient, and ignorance of the reality that we are utterly dependent by design. Satan needs only one lie to destroy us: “You don’t need God; you can do it yourself.”

“The Old Testament proves that man is utterly corrupt and unfixable. The problem is in every human being, without exception. It was a problem of a nature that was not just incompatible with God, but actually opposed to Him.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Nature in the Earthen Vessel

The Nature in the Earthen Vessel challenges believers to contemplate the life that God has given us within the limitations He purposefully set up. We understand so little about the nature we carry from birth, and even less about the nature of God that is our only true completion. In this discomfiting yet liberating message, Martha brings her listeners face to face with what it means to be a vessel. This is not some high dissertation for the sake of knowledge. It is a practical and straightforward look at the many pitfalls awaiting ignorant vessels. Yet Martha also presents the incredible freedom and blessing given to the earthen vessel carrying the nature of Christ. You don’t want to miss this!

The Nature in the Earthen Vessel is the December 2017 Message of the Month.

Want it NOW? The Nature in the Earthen Vessel is available in mp3 for immediate download. 


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