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In a Broken World, Do We Truly Know that Love Reigns?

“To a wrecked humanity and a ruined world God’s very first call of obedience is to love Him. All other commands follow and depend upon that first. Only after love does He give the holy order of life to us. The love is the enabling of all else. Love and obedience are inexorably bond impossible of separation. You love because love found you. You obey because you love. Your love impels you to obey.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Love Reigns

If Love is the greatest, even of faith and hope, what IS the greatness of Love? 

When we reject God – and that is a primal and universal leaving – we leave sanity and reality, but more than anything, we are without love. Bereft of Love by choice. And we perish without love.

“What you do and what you do with God’s love matters to Him, and whether you receive it or not matters to you.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Love Reigns

The enormous tragedy of the world and all of human history is the loss of Love. And now human relationships tear and eat and ravage and kill for a love that is utterly not there, not to be found anywhere in mankind. The ultimate reign and victory for the believer is LOVE:

  • How is this so?
  • What does Reigning Love look like?
  • How can I experience a love so powerful that it rules?

In Love Reigns, Martha Kilpatrick shares the Holy Spirit’s anointing on these and many other vital questions about what it means to let LOVE rule and reign in us today!

“We have very low expectations of what God wants to be and do and how He wants to give His love. If I could do just one thing for all of us, including me, I would raise our expectations, and hope that we would live a life so filled with God that we would see Him with the eyes of our heart. He is the only love there is!”
Martha Kilpatrick, Love Reigns



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  1. Help with the problem of potency

    Posted by BryanHonee on 19th Oct 2018

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  2. Just astonishing!

    Posted by Janeeka on 4th Oct 2016

    I never realized how little I know about the power of love to triumph over even the worst evil. This series is one big testimony of the total victory of God's love and I am full of hope for my life and the lives of everyone I care about. God's Love is so BIG!