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Living in the Lamb Nature


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“Christ had the nature of a lamb because He lived in weakness and dependency…but also vulnerability—and that is something altogether different.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Living in the Lamb Nature

Are You Living in the Lamb Nature as Jesus Did?

The nature of a lamb is not a nature with which humanity is comfortable. We don’t even like being sheep, let alone the utterly vulnerable lamb! What is it about this nature that we so dislike? And what are we missing when we resist God’s hand in bringing us to His Lamb’s nature?

“If you will be emptied out and come under His yoke, you will find out who Christ is.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Living in the Lamb Nature

Living in the Lamb Nature doesn’t just establish the scriptural basis for Jesus’ lamb nature, though it does that amply. This message also reveals the great reward reserved for believers who carry the Lamb and let Him live in the Lamb nature through them. We have an inborn desire to be known and loved by God AND to know and love God back. Yet we avoid the open doors to the Shepherd’s heart, and then wonder why our own starts hurting. Are you ready to stop fighting and start living?

“To know Christ’s meekness, you must experience it from within, from His Life responding to your dilemmas and letting you taste His selfless nature, His utter servanthood. Jesus is still laying down His life, His reputation, His rights and doing so with peculiar humility. Only now, He does so within His disciples.

You do not see it, you do not understand it. You live the humility of Christ knowing it is nothing of you, nothing from you. You live the shocking un-ambition of Jesus in the full knowledge that never, ever could you be as He is. That low. That small. That selfless. His humility is not something to copy. It can never be done. Not by anyone.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Living in the Lamb Nature (an excerpt from Altogether Forgiven)

Living in the Lamb Nature is the October 2017 Message of the Month.

Want it NOW? Living in the Lamb Nature is available in mp3 for immediate download. 


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