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Living Free of Jealousy


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Are You Living Free of Jealousy? Would You Like to Be?

Last month, The Deadliest Sin identified the spiritual devastation that accompanies jealousy, for both the vessel of jealousy and its target. This powerful message shines a bright light on the darkness that every one of us is susceptible to, in one way or another. But what comes next? Once the Holy Spirit has shown me the places where jealousy has taken root in my life, then what? Could I really be living free of jealousy from now on?

“Jealousy is rebellion against what God has given you and what He’s withheld, what He’s made you to be and what He has NOT made you to be.”
Martha Kilpatrick, Living Free of Jealousy

To indulge jealousy is to feed a virus that will spread through your whole heart and become a constant temptation to hate God. Hatred is the fruit of jealousy, and there’s no avoiding that hate or mitigating its effect on your life and all who are in it. Jealousy has to go – every root and every tendril.

“The temptation of jealousy has to do with free will. You have two choices: ‘I will be content’ or ‘I will be jealous.’”
Martha Kilpatrick, Living Free of Jealousy

In Living Free of Jealousy, Martha shares further revelation of jealousy and its partner, selfish ambition. She takes an unflinching look at what we become in jealousy, and then she reveals the Scripture’s answer to the deadliest sin. We are not stuck with a jealous nature. We do not have to struggle with envy for the rest of our lives. We were born again into freedom from this madness, and living free of jealousy is easier than we think!

Living Free of Jealousy is the Message of the Month for February 2018.

Want it NOW? Living Free of Jealousy is available in mp3 for immediate download. 


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