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Life That Wins, The (HARDBACK)

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Product Description

The Life That Wins, Hardback edition is no longer in print – Limited Inventory Available!

Watchman Nee's classic revelation of the miraculous indwelling Life of Christ available to all believers is presented in this durable, hardback binding. Once our inventory is gone, this print will no longer be available. This high quality print is a perfect addition to any Watchman Nee library. 

"When we were first saved our hearts were filled with joy because of the grace of God. We had great hope for our life. We thought that henceforth we could tread all sins under our feet. We reckoned that from now on we would walk a victorious path. No temptation could be too great for us to overcome. No problem could be too difficult for us to solve. Our future was full of glorious hope, because at that time we tasted the peace and joy of sins forgiven for the very first time. Our communion with God was effortless and sweet. We were truly full of joy; we felt heaven was very close to us. It seemed that nothing was impossible to us. We fully believed that day after day we would live victoriously.

"Unfortunately, such a beautiful condition does not last long; and this glorious expectation is not fulfilled. The sins which you dreamed were already overcome find their way back again. Sins which once could not touch you have now returned. Your old temper, pride and jealousy raise their ugly heads once more. You read God's word much, but you get no help. You pray, yet you lose the intimate taste you once enjoyed. Your zeal for the lost also decreases, and your love grows cold. You may be able to deal with some matters, but you find that certain others are beyond your strength. Your daily note is now defeat, not victory. In fact, in your daily life you experience more defeats than victories. You sense your great lack. As you compare yourself with Paul, John, Peter and those other Christians in the first century, you know how different they were from you. You are unable to help other people. You may tell them the stories of you victories, but you dare not tell them the stories of your defeats. You feel your days of victory are short while your days of defeats are long. And consequently, you pass your time in sorrow. Such is the experience which many Christians share."
Watchman Nee, The Life That Wins, Hardback Edition

If Nee is describing your life and your despair, then pick up your copy of The Life That Wins today!

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