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Last Jew of Rotterdam, The

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The Last Jew of Rotterdam: The Story of Ernest Cassutto

One early summer day, while I was hiding in the home of a Salvation Army officer in The Hague, my informant showed up earlier than usual.
"Ernie, I have some bad news. Your fiancée has been arrested."
I could not process what he was saying. I didn't want to. To do so would mean accepting what he was saying was the truth… I slumped to the floor and looked up at him, horrified. "I'm all alone!" I cried.
"No you're not," he said in an even, consoling tone. "Remember, you have Jesus; you have everything."
Ernest Cassutto, The Last Jew of Rotterdam

This riveting true story interweaves the journeys of Ernest and Elisabeth Cassutto from the horror of the Holocaust to salvation in Jesus the Messiah. You won't be able to put it down!

"The Last Jew of Rotterdam is not merely about a man who survived the most difficult situations, but about a struggle to understand and rise above a wretched circumstance, a struggle toward decency in the face of deprivation. It is not merely a struggle of a person and a family to find faith, but a struggle of how to practice that faith while facing an implacable enemy of the Jewish people. Ernest Cassutto was indeed a man ahead of his time—a tribulation saint who showed us how to transcend the worst of times and exalt the Lord. Cassutto managed to float above the troubled seas of his time, not because he was an intellectual or emotional lightweight, but rather because God gave him the spiritual buoyancy not just to survive, but also to thrive."
Moishe Rosen, Founder of Jews for Jesus

"Few books have moved me as much as The Last Jew of Rotterdam. But how could I not be touched by this captivating story of suffering and salvation during the Holocaust? Cassutto's story radiates the power and love of God so strongly, it's a must-read for caring people everywhere."
David Brickner, Executive Director of Jews for Jesus

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