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Kingdom of the Son of His Love, The


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(Message delivered at a conference at Calvary Chapel in St. Petersburg, FL.)

From T. Austin-Sparks:

"We are so governed by the effect that situations and circumstances have upon us and our interests. It is really the root of most of our trouble, if not all of it. We are so earthbound, so time-bound; this life does mean so very much to us, this world does mean so very much to us. Heaven and eternity are not as real as this world is. If only we could get the heavenly vision and the heavenly sense. If only it could really take hold of us that eternity is real, that everything is as real in eternity and in heaven as it is here, and far more so, just as spiritual things can be more real than temporal things even now. if only we could get the sense of that would we not be more ready to let go - to let go of those things which take such a large place with us here, in this life; should we not be much more prepared to let them go?" 

We worship Him as the Christmas infant. We picture Him as the Humble Man in a homespun robe. We paint Him as the Bloody Savior.

But He is now none of these.  He is the Towering King of the Universe, the Flaming One that John the Beloved saw in Revelation 1:12-16, before whom John fell down as a dead man. Christ as King of Kings is the One we will meet and must know today! 

4 CD Message Titles:

1) Seeing the Kingdom
2) Seeking the Kingdom
3) Living in the Kingdom
4) Bringing in the Kingdom

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