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“The principle of the child is one ability and only one:
simple receiving of all things.”

Have we become like little children?

“We never comprehend that Jesus lived fully as a Child, in the barren reality of human weakness. Jesus was a simple Child unto God. Utterly dependent, ever vulnerable to the Father because His Child’s delight was God’s will.

“We view Him through the eyes of our ambition. We note His power, His dominion and brilliance. We consider Him the ultimate powerful Person. But on earth, everything He did and all He was came from the Father, under whose wings He settled…as a Child.”

In Matthew 18, Jesus gave two requirements for entering the Kingdom: turn away from sin, and become like little children. We are quite familiar with the first, but the second is rarely taught.

“The Father’s passion is for sons of childlikeness, and we are ever presenting our grown-up accomplishments to Him, our imagined maturity, and our useful independence. But when you are reduced to a child by God’s Fathering-ways, then you are enabled to receive Him as Abba, which is “Daddy.” As a dependent child you can embrace your Father and all the rights of His Position and the enjoyment of His Provision.

“The Father so adores the Son that He will not be satisfied until He has many sons like Him. When we are reduced to being a little child, we are also conformed to His image by allowing the Christ Child nature to become our very being, our innate likeness.”

By exploring the parable of the Prodigal Son and examining the lives of David and Jesus Christ Himself, Martha Kilpatrick unveils the picture painted throughout the Bible of what it means to “become like little children.” Do we know what Jesus meant when He said that? And do we know how to become like little children? Our very entrance to the Kingdom depends on it.


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  1. Just beautiful

    Posted by L. Jensal from Winston-Salem, NC on 28th Jan 2014

    I've never seen such clarity on Jesus' warning to "turn and become like little children" or fail to enter the Kingdom. I hoped that I would learn more about what it means to be like a little child, and I certainly did! But I got more than that. Martha provided a stunning glimpse of the Father in her exploration of the Prodigal Son parable, and it's priceless. I can't recommend this booklet highly enough!