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Key to God's Favor, The


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“The Nebuchadnezzar experience is the Romans 1 downward spiral. And when you believe you know better than God and begin to ignore Him, you will spiral down just the same.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Key to God’s Favor

Nebuchadnezzar’s story holds the key to God’s favor!

Within the story of Nebuchadnezzar is a wealth of warning and an even greater wealth of wisdom. We are all aware of the warnings, as his is one of the most dramatic riches-to-rags stories ever told. A fall that big packs a punch for all who witness it! But do we see the pearls of wisdom strewn throughout Nebuchadnezzar’s life? Do we recognize the key to God’s favor and delight?

The Key to God’s Favor finds Martha revisiting the Book of Daniel as she sifts through the life and experiences of Nebuchadnezzar in pursuit of the hidden heart condition that so pleases God. In these days of rage and perversity, no believer can afford to relax his guard on the state of his heart, especially when God’s pleasure is on the line. So take a deep breath, bow your head low, and follow this message’s map to a treasure incomparable: the key to God’s favor!

From Martha Kilpatrick’s book, All and Only:

“Nebuchadnezzar understood who he was and who God was and the unbridgeable gap between the two. When he took his place, stayed within its God-ordained bounds, he was blessed, even exalted. God can give much to the man who will let Him have His throne. In the practice of life, if we try to orchestrate the immediate universe, praying that God will obey us by the support of our agenda, we have become Nebuchadnezzar.”

May God ignite this lesson in our hearts so that we need not learn it the hard way!

The Key to God’s Favor is the Message of the Month for December 2019.


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