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Joy Unequaled of Being Nothing


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What Exactly Is The Joy Unequaled of Being Nothing?

We live in a world that rewards those who are driven and ambitious. We celebrate beauty, charm, and charisma. We honor the Somethings and ignore the Nothings. This broken and fallen world says:

  • To be seen, you must be Something.
  • To be heard, you must be Something.
  • To belong, you must be Something.
  • To have worth, you must be Something.
  • To be LOVED, you must be Something.

We are driven to be Something because we are terrified to be Nothing.

What does God have to say about it? Who is it that God chose? Who did He purposefully select?

God selected (deliberately chose) what in the world is foolish to put the wise to shame, and what the world calls weak to put the strong to shame.

And God also selected (deliberately chose) what in the world is lowborn and insignificant and branded and treated with contempt, even the things that are nothing, that He might depose and bring to nothing the things that are…
1 Corinthians 1:27-28 AMPC

The way of the world is NOT the Way of God, but even born-again believers find themselves stuck in the pursuit of Something, so desperate to be Someone. The Joy Unequaled of Being Nothing by Martha Kilpatrick slices through the chaos of humanity’s mad scramble to be bigger and better and smarter than we are. With piercing humility and grace, this little booklet will impact your heart to its very core with new revelation of what it means to be an earthen vessel for the Living God. Here is the great secret of being Nothing and having Everything.

“‘I can do nothing on my own’ (Jn. 5:30). Jesus Himself lived in a state of perpetual nothingness and absolute inability. Who are we to be more than He?”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Joy Unequaled of Being Nothing


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Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent quick read

    Posted by Jon Clendenin on 11th Apr 2020

    To be filled, we must first empty ourselves. Martha beautifully captures this eternal truth in this small booklet that I’m sure I will re-read many times.

  2. Great book.

    Posted by R H on 11th Apr 2020

    Well written.

  3. Love This Author

    Posted by Eric Gilmour on 11th Apr 2020

    I have read much of Martha’s writings. There is really none like her. Her heart of love and revelation of the Lord very special.

  4. Freedom

    Posted by Carla on 17th Jul 2019

    This profound little booklet offers a deep level of insight into living one's life completely in the Sovereign Hands of God. It offers comfort, encouragement and joy that relinquish of all to Him brings freedom and life beyond anything human beings could accomplish on their own. I am so glad to finally know it’s not up to me to try to live a Christian life on my own.

  5. eyeopening

    Posted by Lori on 30th Jun 2019

    I am on my third reading of "The Joy Unequaled of Being Nothing"...and each time I read it The Holy Spirit gives me more understanding. I feel it is a journey into another realm of intimacy with Him. I have many of your books and down through the years that have blessed me again and again. I am still waiting for the Lord to give you a book on "The Blood". You mentioned it several years ago and I"m sure it will be worth the wait! I also look forward to every Sunday morning when I can hear your podcast. I have forward them to friends and they are blessed too. Thanks to all of you, Martha, John,Jennifer and others who join with you on the podcasts. May God continue to fill you as you share it with the world!

  6. Speechless

    Posted by Linda on 30th Jun 2019

    This booklet is a culmination of everything the Lord has been teaching me through Martha's teachings the last year and a half. I truly feel speechless trying to express what I have learned. To be 'nothing' is a new way of life. To surrender, trust and obey and recognize HE will handle EVERYTHING is a new freedom. I am still learning but a load has been lifted knowing HE is EVERYTHING and i am nothing. Freedom and a new love has grabbed my heart. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Showing reviews 1-6 of 8 | Next