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Jesus, the Sword


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“Then Jesus said, I came into this world for judgment [as a Separator, in order that there may be separation between those who believe on Me and those who reject Me], to make the sightless see and to make those who see become blind.”
John 9:39 AMP

Throughout the entire Bible, there is a constant refrain that we are loathe to acknowledge in this day and age: division and separation. Beginning with the creation of the world and continuing into the eternal realm of all that is still-to-come, separation is vitally important. So why do we prize unity instead and what does it cost us to do so?

“There are only two kinds of people: those who hate God and those who love Him.”

God doesn’t build upon old systems; He destroys the old to make way for something entirely new. And that requires division and separation. Are there parts of your life or your family that you work hard to preserve in the hopes that it will be cleaned up and redeemed? Is it possible that the mess stays a mess because only separation and tearing down will lead to the peaceful unity you seek? 

“Behind human conflict and anger, breach and discord, lies a hidden issue… Jesus has come as God and humanity goes berserk.”

In August’s Message of the Month, Martha Kilpatrick painstakingly uncovers the central role of the Sword of Separation in the scriptures, the Church, the family, and even within ourselves. Though most of us have failed to comprehend the absolute necessity of separation, this timely teaching provides unmistakable clarity and wisdom for all with ears to hear.

“Sometimes evangelism is separation.”  

August 2015 Message of the Month

Want it NOW? "Jesus, the Sword" is available in mp3 for immediate download.

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