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I Think therefore I Know


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“The soul goes by several names: flesh, old self, sinful nature. The mutiny of the soul is to know apart from God.”

Martha Kilpatrick, I Think Therefore I Know

The issue of soul versus spirit is one that every believer wrestles with for as long as they’re alive. These are deep waters to move through and sobering as well. But however many books you’ve read or sermons you’ve attended on soul versus spirit, you’ve never encountered the subject the way Martha Kilpatrick presents it here!

I Think Therefore I Know is an utterly original impartation of an age-old spiritual dilemma. Martha has tackled this issue several times over the years, because it’s that important and that pervasive. (Of particular note is the fifth booklet in her Hearing God Series, The Inner Room.) But never before has the Spirit’s anointing fallen on Martha’s message in such an unusual way.

“Blindness, for the most part, is deliberate.”
Martha Kilpatrick, I Think Therefore I Know

Discerning whether we operate in the power of the flesh or the Holy Spirit is no small assessment. Every thought, word and action is at stake. The sheer magnitude of the question usually renders every teaching on the subject a heaviness all its own. I Think Therefore I Know has no such heaviness. None! The anointing of hope and encouragement is palpable in every word of this message. If you are wrestling with an indomitable flesh in one or more areas of your life, the anointing of the Holy Spirit in this teaching is one you need. Are you ready to be free and clean? To give the Holy Spirit free reign to move as He will through your life? I Think Therefore I Know contains the impartation of LIFE you can’t do without and the wisdom you need for the days ahead.

September 2016 Message of the Month

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