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I Am A Child of God mp3


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Yet for us there is but one God, the Father, who is the source of all things, and we exist for Him…
1 Corinthians 8:6 AMP

This scripture is one of many that focus on God as Father, but do we really grasp what it means that our God is a Father? Do we know what it is God intends when He calls Himself Father? Every born-again believer is in need of a personal revelation of God as Abba, Father. In fact, our lives turn on that revelation. How fortunate it is then, that the Holy Spirit’s main office is to reveal Christ to us, Who reveals our Father.

“If we don’t understand that we are literally – not figuratively or spiritually but actually – children of God, and that He is our Father, then we don’t understand or operate in all the rights of a child of God.”
Martha Kilpatrick, I Am a Child of God

Do you know the rights and privileges of a child of God? Does your life reflect that knowledge? When we are born again from above, we are born into a new family with God as our Father. But it’s not enough to simply call God Father; He intends to actually be our Father. Do we live as though that’s the truth? Or do we still have faith in the heritage and bonds of our earthly lineage? How many of the failures that we experience in our physical health, or our character, or spiritual growth stem from familial ties of old?

“You were born first into your human family, but you were born a second time into God’s family—and it IS a birth, not just a figure of speech.”
Martha Kilpatrick, I Am a Child of God

I Am a Child of God is a thought-provoking message born of Martha’s truly radical notion that the Bible is true and God means what He says. Again and again God makes clear how much He wants His children to know Him, and this Message of the Month highlights His great Father-Heart in a new and life-changing way.

I Am a Child of God is July 2016's Message of the Month

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