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Heart-to-Heart Talks

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Heart-to-Heart Talks: 52 Meditations from the Heart of Watchman Nee

What can be deeper than the heart?

Solomon, the wisest of men, advised us, saying: "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life" (Proverbs 4:23). When a heart has heard the voice of God, it calls other hearts to hear and to respond. During his years of ministry, Nee realized that only words coming from a heart that God had spoken to could reach the heart of others. Not that knowledge is unnecessary, but it must come from revelation or enlightenment from above: for only such knowledge is living and operative which can reach the depth of man's heart. 

"Roughness of any kind—whether unwillful and unconscious or not—is not the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Always being thoughtful, conscious of others' needs, sympathetic towards others' difficulties, or never imposing one's idea to embarrass others—these are the kinds of conduct which the saints should pursue after. The cross of our Lord and the work of the Holy Spirit have the breaking and remolding power to cause the rough to become tender. In order to be thoughtful, we must consider the other person's need and sympathize with that one's hardship."
Watchman Nee, Heart-to-Heart Talks

This new devotional contains Nee's heart-to-heart talks as spoken to many people at different times during his ministry. These talks touch upon many subjects pertaining to the Christian life and are both spiritual and practical in nature. The sources of these excerpts are given in the several notes appended at the appropriate places.

May our blessed Lord use Heart-to-Heart Talks in guiding our hearts towards Him!

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