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Heart of the Matter, The


Product Description

"Your life is the expression of your heart
and the exposure of its true condition."
Martha Kilpatrick

Humanly, we don't like to be vulnerable, and an open heart is a vulnerable one. An open heart experiences the agony of rejection, the sharp pain of betrayal, the unbearable hurt of knowing that you are not loved. A broken, battered heart often evokes the choice to shut down, close off and fortify itself, but the consequences of such a response are grave. What is the state of your heart, believer, and do you know why it matters?

This piercing series by Martha addresses the direct connection between an open, broken, surrendered heart and the ability to find God when we seek Him. She also discloses the dangers inherent in a closed heart, as well as the stunning wonder and mystery of the great heart of God.

4 CD Message Titles:

1) The Heart Condition
2) Open Heart - Open Heaven
3) Heart of Flesh/Circumcision of the Heart
4) Heart Sick

Product Reviews

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  1. Oh, My Heart

    Posted by Wanda on 4th Sep 2018

    As usual, new vistas opened up to show me where I am and where I'm not. I realized as I listened, I had heard this before. Linda and I always shared our CD's, and this must have been one of hers, because I didn't have it here. I loved the whole series, but the one thing that has stuck in my mind is that what I want and what my heart wants are not always the same thing. God gives me what my heart wants. Scary thought. I can only pray' " God, give me Your desires in my heart." He has already used this enlightenment to minister to others. Great food to chew on and ponder. Thank you all once again. Much love to all.

  2. The Heart of the Matter

    Posted by Kathi Basehore on 1st Sep 2015

    This series touched me deeply and increased my spiritual hunger to go more deeply into G-D. Martha's vulnerability and wisdom is very refreshing!

  3. Thank you for the timely word!

    Posted by K.L. on 15th Mar 2013

    I have just finished listening to your tape "The Heart of Flesh" and I could not stop weeping for it was one of the most encouraging messages I have ever heard of Jesus love for me and how He hears my cries for deliverance from my self and never gives up on me. Thank you it was a very timely incoming. Love, K.L.

    Oh yes and I have just recently received all of your music and it is just what I have been longing for. The Divine Whisper by Scott Brenner, I have just recently discovered and what an anointing on all of the music you have sent Thank you...