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The Heart of Stone mp3


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How Do You Get a Heart of Stone?

Though this may seem a strange question, the answer is incredibly important for a truly daunting reason: You and I are responsible for the state of our hearts. And if we are responsible, then we are surely accountable to God and will answer to Him in either this life or the next. Far better to learn the truth here, when repentance is possible, than to discover it on Judgment Day!

The Heart of Stone is the sobering follow-up to The Clean Heart, and Martha moves through the scriptures faithfully as they reveal the path that leads to a hard and stony heart. No one trips and accidentally falls into a hard heart. Choice after choice takes us down a path of doom, and we need to know what that looks like. The Heart of Stone takes an unflinching look so that the hardened heart may yet be broken open in Love.

“You don’t have to live with a cold heart of stone. You can experience the mighty heart of Jesus toward the world, the creation, the lost, the wicked, the beautiful… God says you can be a man or woman after His own heart!”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Heart of Stone

If you have just discovered this particular Message of the Month, please know that The Heart of Stone is the fifth in a series of teachings on the state of our hearts and the great importance that the Bible places on the heart. Start with The Heart of the Matter, then The Heart of All Things, A Light-filled Heart, and The Clean Heart. Though each teaching can stand on its own, there is a deeper anointing of the Spirit when you move from one to the other as He’s laid it out in His perfect order.

The Heart of Stone is the Message of the Month for July 2019.

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