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He Washed Feet


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(This series is comprised of CD of the Month messages from 2006.)

"If you are not willing to be human, then you are not going to know Jesus, because He came as a human, and to humans."
Martha Kilpatrick, Fully Human - Fully Divine

Why were the disciples so accepting of Jesus performing miracles and yet so undone over him washing their feet? Christ's divinity isn't a stumbling block to the average believer. It's the humanity of Christ that we don't comprehend. Jesus' humanity perplexed and enraged the Pharisees, shocked the disciples and endeared Him to common people. What does it mean to our daily lives that Jesus Christ was both utterly divine and utterly human? Everything!

These four teachings on the life and humanity of Jesus Christ are vital to the daily walk and relationship of every believer.  Join Martha Kilpatrick as she explores the role of Christ's humanity in our redemption, the holiness of the physical body as a temple, the centrality of Jesus, and the real and present dangers in denying our own humanity.

4 CD Message titles:

1. Fully Human - Fully Divine (January 2006 CD of the Month)
2. Jesus' Humanity - Christ's Divinity (February 2006 CD of the Month)
3. Perfect Humanity of Christ (March 2006 CD of the Month)
4. The Centrality of Jesus (September 2006 CD of the Month)

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