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God's Sovereignty


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"God has a story written on your life, and you are going to have to make peace with your story in order to make peace with God."

Making peace with God’s sovereignty leads to healing…

Our response to life when things happen to us, whether suffering at the hands of man or Satan, is to believe that God is not really God and that He isn’t good. And we will never love or trust a God that we believe isn’t good—or bigger than man and Satan. The root to so much spiritual and mental illness is a wrong response and a wrong belief about God, and more, God’s sovereignty.

“You are going to have to accept what your testimony IS – and none of you will like it. You will wish you had a different one, at least in some aspect.

“I am very content with my story…now. I have received it and accepted it because I have received God as the Author of it. In fact, I love my story now because the ‘call to His purpose’ is unfolding and I am amazed that all I suffered formed me into the person who could empathize and then help others know God. How exciting, how significant that is!

“You are a book, ‘a living epistle known and read of men’ (2 Cor. 3:3). God has written a story on you. He has a message through you – and you will be healthy and sane only as you live that story, deliver your message and not another, because any other story will be a lie.”

In God’s Sovereignty, Martha illustrates the soul sickness that results when we reject God in the circumstances of our suffering. Through a deeply personal testimony, she also gives the keys to complete and radical healing for our broken souls.

“God has a story written on your life, and you are going to have to make peace with your story in order to make peace with God.”

This booklet is part of the Loving God Series.

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ISBN-10: 1936057034

ISBN-13: 9781936057030

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Product Reviews

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  1. God’s Sovereignty

    Posted by Carol on 28th Oct 2018

    God is good and God is sovereign. Wow, so simple. Do I believe it? My challenge as I choose to follow Him.

  2. Loving God despite it all

    Posted by Miles D on 21st Oct 2018

    I enjoyed this book to the utmost. It gave new meaning to the concept of accept what God allows. We're not our own and we've been purchased by God through his Son Jesus the Christ. I compare it to buying several pairs of shoes. there will always be a pair that you will not wear until you're ready. That time and season came when you the owner was ready to put them on. It's the same with God when positives and negatives come into your life you must be thankful that it is because the perfect plan of God will not fail.

  3. Right on Martha!

    Posted by Barb Steffen on 23rd Jan 2014

    If we could just believe those two things.....God is sovereign and God is good! In fact He is the ONLY source of true goodness! If, by faith we could only walk in the truth of this light it would have immense effect on every area of our walk with Him! Great job Martha!! God has given you an amazing gift in your abilities to explain and help us understand these truths! Thank you.....and many blessings on you and your ministry!

  4. God will change and transform you through Martha Kilpatrick

    Posted by Carolyn Baney on 21st Jun 2013

    All of the series will change everything you think you know about God. Be forewarned, it will change you! Well done.

  5. No compromise

    Posted by LW on 21st Jun 2013

    So many of the teachings on God's sovereignty flinch when it comes to suffering. They say it's satan and God has nothing to do with it. But a sovereign God is over everything, including evil. This little booklet doesn't flinch from the terrifying wonder of God, and the truth is Light and freedom and healing. Making peace with God AS HE IS (and not as I think He should be) has changed my life, and this booklet did a great deal to untangle the lies from the truth.

  6. God Revealed

    Posted by ichthus62 on 16th Mar 2013

    This book has impacted my life deeply as it stirred up and made fresh the desire God planted in my heart to be all His. It is the will of God that we follow on to know Him personally and intimately. By the grace of God, Martha has embraced the brokenness He has and is working in her life which allows Him to work and speak through her. In this way and only in this way can our teaching impart the Life of the written word of God and bring us into the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Thanks Martha for surrendering to Him. Multitudes in the Body of Christ everywhere have been strengthened and encouraged as we have been and are being touched by Him while He works and speaks through you.

Showing reviews 1-6 of 8 | Next