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God's Passionate Love


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What evokes God’s jealousy? And how can God be jealous in the first place? We’re swimming in deep waters this month as we explore this great mystery!

God’s Passionate Love for Us Is Behind His Jealousy

Three months ago, Martha recorded The Deadliest Sin, which warned believers against nursing jealousy, no matter how small it seemed. This series continued with Living Free of Jealousy and The Mighty Jealousy of God, and with God’s Passionate Love, Martha brings us to the great heart of God the Father. God’s jealousy is nothing like our jealousy. God’s jealousy is righteous because its motivation is love. God’s jealousy is actually God’s passionate love. But just what does that mean for our lives?

“The wrath of God and the jealousy of God are great forces in the universe, and we would be wise to pay attention to them.”
Martha Kilpatrick, God’s Passionate Love

With care and clarity, Martha explains how we evoke God’s jealousy, what that jealousy looks like, and what God is after in His relentless pursuit of us. It is so easy to think that we know what God’s passionate love for us looks like day in and day out. But do we really?

“If God is crunching you or stripping you or exposing you or chastening you, you are not a bastard. You’re a child of God and He’s in love. His chastening is love!”
Martha Kilpatrick, God’s Passionate Love

How much of the hardship you experience is spiritual warfare and how much of it is the consuming fire of God’s jealousy? Are you being taken into the wilderness as Gomer was? If you are, do you even know why? Or are you as blithely confident as she was in the order and nature of your life and needs? May the Holy Spirit light up our hearts so that we do not fail to see God’s passionate love for those He calls His own!

God’s Passionate Love is the Message of the Month for April 2018. 

Want it NOW? God's Passionate Love is available in mp3 for immediate download. 


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