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Freedom From Our Discontent mp3


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This is an mp3 file that, once purchased, will be available to the customer to download for 30 days. *Note to Tablet/Mobile Users Below.

We have had such a response from last month's message on discontentment.  It has been stated overwhelmingly that “The Season of Our Discontent” has explained to many listener’s their lives.  As a continuation of this series of messages, July's message is the first of two parts delving into the solution to this pervasive sin. Listen and learn how to be freed from this innately human trait which can destroy our very destiny.



“Discontent is actually rebellion against God’s plan for your life.”

“When we are beset by all this discontent and dissatisfaction, if we are humble enough to go to God with it, His grace is overwhelming to solve it.”

 “Sometimes God allows great suffering in our lives,
to create the greatest anointing.”

 “If you have any discontent, you are hearing the enemy try to provoke you against God, separate you from Him, and cause you to come on down this stream until you are eaten up with jealousy.”


Comment from a listener"I thought I was just the worst person because of my incessant dissatisfaction and no one could be as bad as I am. You showed me that discontent was the human condition. Then you threw open the door to the entire solution of my whole life! Freedom from discontent!" 

*NOTE TO TABLET/MOBILE USERS: Please download the mp3 to your computer and then transfer the file to your mobile device via iTunes or similar syncing software.  Due to the limitations of most mobile platforms, you will not be able to directly download this file onto your phone or tablet.


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  1. Cliffhanger from Martha

    Posted by His in Las Vegas on 22nd Jul 2013

    I love how Martha leaves us with a cliffhanger, but tells us the solution first! I can wait for the "why" but I needed to hear the real solution now! Hearing Vicki speak as a "listener" in the podcasts was the perfect full circle of this last 2 months journey.
    Thank you for it all!

  2. There's Hope For Me Yet!

    Posted by Lynn Wood on 16th Jul 2013

    Thank you my dear Martha for helping me see my life through my Heavenly Father's Eyes, the "Jealous Lover of my soul". This has truly "wrecked me". My life finally makes sense. I too have experienced this jealousy in EVERY area of my life! This gives me hope that HE would love me this much!

  3. It IS so RICH....

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jul 2013

    I am still listening and processing. It is a powerful message....every sentence says something. I have no words yet....I am simply letting it work its way into my spirit letting the Holy Spirit do His work through the message.

    I am off to listen to it again.