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Foundation of Repentance


Product Description

"If you don't assume responsibility for your sin, you will wonder why things in your life don't change and why there is no joy."

A foundation of repentance is essential!

The very foundation on which we grow is repentance. You cannot have faith without going through the process of repentance. It is basic. Repentance is the beginning of every move of God—private or corporate.

“The remedy to the hideous list in Romans 1 is repentance. And it is a complete solution because true repentance changes YOU. There is no other way of solving the human problem acceptable to God.

“Paul has identified the problem and given the solution, and given the problem that stands against the solution. Do you understand? He said when you resist repentance, you are storing up God’s wrath. When your stubborn and unrepentant heart stands in the way of repentance, then you don’t have repentance—and so you miss the one solution.

“Revival comes through repentance and only through repentance. If you have repentance in your life continuously, then you will have revival that is continuous. The wind of the Spirit blows repentance first before He blows blessing, or healing, or revelation.

“If you don’t know the wind of contrition, you will never know the glory that is coming.”

The Foundation of Repentance is an extraordinary teaching, in it Martha shares her own story of repentance and explores the rarely taught secrets – and overwhelming rewards – of this vital work of the Spirit. Vital steps to life-change!


This booklet is part of the Knowing God Series.

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ISBN-10: 0966592948

ISBN-13: 978-0966592948

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Product Reviews

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  1. God's economy

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2013

    I have spent the day imagining the prayer of this writer, asking the Holy Spirit for the gift of truth and the prose to present it in it's purest form.

    John Wesley ask of his lay preachers to spend 5 hours a day reading the Bible and "useful" books. I have read 4 of her books in the last 5 hours and have been blessed beyond measure.

    The Foundation of Repentance is indeed the bedrock of our walk with God, I thank you for your intentional prayer to stay behind the Holy Spirit of God and not get ahead.

    It displays a confidence and relationship that we can all believe in.

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